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Pete has travelled the world teaching English, has lived in various countries, and first taught English to foreign language students when he was 18.
Since 2012 he has been teaching languages mainly online via Skype.

In 2013 he also started teaching medical English to doctors and nurses worldwide, and then added construction / engineering English and then technical English.

In 2014 Pete realized that teaching English had nothing to do with a university degree or specialization courses and that basically anyone who could speak English fluently could also teach it, because the English language course book had it all set out in them and did the main job of helping even expert teachers structure the English language teaching process in a simple, straightforward and logical way.

All that was needed was to show people how best to use the courses, and also be able to adapt them to the student.

So today Pete also teaches people who want to learn to teach English, and also even experienced English language teachers who want to move over onto the New English File and New Headway language courses in a short period of time.

In 2014 Pete decided that he could use some help to expand the whole concept so he asked George and Alice to join him, and hence in 2015 the creation of this website www.learntoteachenglish.com
Pete lives in the countryside on the banks of a river where he goes fishing almost every day.


Alice and Pete have know each other since they were both teaching in Spain in the late 90's.

Alice has been teaching English to foreign language students in the UK since 2003 but started to move over to teaching via Skype in 2012 and by 2013 all teaching she did was over Skype mainly using New Headway and New English File.
In 2014 she and Pete started passing students to one and other, when either was too busy and couldn't cope with the work, so joining forces on this project was just an obvious way to go. Alice likes French food, and collects cats.



George and Pete bumped into each other in 2010 whilst on a fishing holiday in Scotland and have kept in touch ever since.

George had worked for 9 years mainly for language schools all over Europe and in 2013 also decided that teaching English via Skype was the obvious way to go. Today George specializes in business English and loved the idea of teaching future teachers how to teach English and when Peter and Alice needed another partner they asked him and George came aboard in 2015.
George and Pete go fishing together at least 4 times a year and usually it's more beer than fish.

Wanna have a chat with us ?

We really like to have a chat with prospecting future teachers who want to learn to teach English and really welcome a quick chat with anyone who is considering taking our course. This way we can find out how good their English is, and basically discuss all the aspects of becoming an English teacher. We call this the initial consultation, which is free of charge and useful to both you the future teacher and to us the tutors and if you want to get in touch then please use the information on our contact teach English tutors page.