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Why learn to teach English ?

Why not ?

If you speak English fluently, and if you would like to start a new profession to earn extra income, then you can learn to teach English easily.
Or even make it your main profession.
Teaching English can be useful in all kinds of situations, especially the ones where you become unemployed, or just would like to do something different.

And also, you don't even have to make teaching English a full time profession. You can teach English just a few times a week, or just teach a few students whenever you have the time and desire to do so.

On the other hand, you can do it full time and earn a lot of money.

The best thing is that by teaching English you can be your own boss and can work for yourself if you want to. Of course, you could get a job abroad at a private language school, or even just set up your own private teaching lessons from your home to local students, but today the BIG keyword in teaching English is teaching English via Skype, which you can do from anywhere and at anytime. Check out these links for more about the when, how and why of teaching English.

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Become an English language teacher

First of all you will find very useful information on this webseite about teaching English as a foreign language such as the teaching English strategy, and much more, but to become a professional English language teacher we offer a 3 hour course via Skype to learn how to teach you to teach English .

Our learn to teach English in three hours course shows you how to use two of the worlds best language course text books, and explain many aspects of  how to manage students timetables, how to get paid for teaching English and many more aspects that most universities or even the exam bodies who offer certification exams for people to be accredited as English teachers are afraid to tell you. Students don't care if you have a degree or a certificate in teaching English. Students want a competent English language teacher, who will teach them English and with our course, you will become just that.

How to get language students ?

Once you complete our course, you will get a 1 year free profile on our skypelearn.com teacher's directory, where potential students contact the teachers in that directory for English lessons. Check out the skype teachers directory here.
This is possibly the best start you can get in starting your teaching English career.

In our learn to teach English course we also show you how you can get students worldwide from many other sources on the internet without spending any money.

Learn to teach English logic

The logic of learning to teach English is very simple. Once you have learnt to teach English, you have knowledge which stays with you for the rest of your life, and you can decide to use it whenever the need or whenever you want to. Think of it as your plan B which you can fall back on whenever the need arises, or even make it your plan A if inclined to do so.