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Qualifications to teach English ?

You do not need any qualifications to teach

All you need to be able to do is to speak English fluently.
And by fluently, we mean as a natural born speaker, or as someone who speaks English perfectly as their second language.

Sure, universities and most private language schools will want a degree or a TELF or simillar certificate.

But if you wish to teach on a private basis, like students coming to your home, or if you want to teach via Skype, or if you want to offer language courses to companies in your area, or even if you wish to open your OWN private language school,

You do NOT need any qualifications.

Do you speak English fluently ?
Are you able to be pleasant ?
Do you have a sense of humour ?

If your answer to these three questions is yes, then you can learn to teach English, and become an English language teacher. Take our three hour course and see for yourself.