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You do not need to buy any course books

Teaching English course books

When you sign up to do our 3 hour course to learn to teach English, we will give you all the necessary material so you don't have to get or buy any of the course books to do our course.

In our course, we will be teaching you how to use the New English File and the New Headway course books and we will either email you, or Skype you directly the parts of the books we will be teaching you.

These pages will be in PDF format, so you can open them directly on your screen whilst doing our course with us, and of course you can also print them before each of the 3 lessons.

Obviously, if you do intend becoming and English language teacher, you will sooner or later start buying the course books gradually but you do not have to have any of the books to do our course.

And you will also receive several lass audio files, so that you can play them back to your course tutor, in the parts of our course where you become the teacher and practice teaching.

You will receive various parts of the students books and the workbooks and also some entry tests for students from the NEF and NHW courses.

What else do I need ?

Skype, voice and sound.

One of the main reasons we like to have a short chat with you, even before you pay for our course is to find out if you actually have all the right equipment and the correct audio setup on your computer before you start the actual course.
Many times it happens that a prospecting teacher will have a bad audio setup and this is usually corrected by simply buying a cheap headset with earphones and microphone and plugging that into your computer as opposed to using the built in speakers and microphone your PC or laptop already have. But to get the absolute perfect Skype audio for teaching students, there are many other things to take into consideration and we show you these in our course.

Also, you need to be able to open and read and navigate in PDF files, and also to be able to find and play small mp3 audio files.

That's it, and most people do know how to do all of this because they use Skype to talk with friends and relatives.