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Have a chat with us - no obligation - no stress - get information on becoming a language teacher

Information is free - mistakes are expensive

Before you even think about becoming a language teacher, let alone forking out money to learn to teach English, we'd like you to have a chat with us.

In fact we insist that we have a chat with you.

After all, we are not only guaranteeing to be able to teach you to teach English, but we also offer unlimited support and assistance even after you have completed our learn to teach English course.
That is a big responsibility on our side which we take very seriously.

It happens from time to time that we get people who want to learn to teach English who are just not cut out for it. For example we sometimes get people who cannot speak English even at the Elementary level, and for anyone to teach English, they MUST be fluent in the English language.

We have even had people applying to do our course and although they were native speakers, they spoke English in the most atrocious ungrammatical way possible.

And we've even had one gentlemen who had obviously not read even 2 pages of this website, had already paid for the course before talking to us nor even writing an initial email, and when we finally managed to have a chat he was convinced that after he did our course he could go and teach at his local university!

Please contact us to have a chat before you go any further.


How can you have a talk with us ?

Via Skype or telephone.
If you have Skype, then we can talk via Skype, or if you prefer via telephone.
In this last case, if you have a fixed land line phone number anywhere in the world we can phone you. Email us your phone number, time and date, and we can connect.
If you don't have a fixed land line, then we will let you have our dedicated Chat number and you can phone us at an arranged time.


How to arrange a preliminary chat with us

Send an email to : chat@learntoteachenglish.com
and include how you wish to talk to us and either include your Skype name, or your land line phone number, and the time you would like to have the chat.
Or ask us for our Chat number which we will email you with also the possible time lines when you can call it