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Teaching course costs

How much does it cost to learn to teach English

Our learn to teach English course costs Euro 360

The course si divided into 3 separate
lessons of 45 minutes each, and is done via Skype.

We also offer UNLIMITED free-of-charge support after you have completed the course.
This means that after you have done the 3 hours, if at anytime you have any questions, need help with something, then we connect via Skype again and sort it out - no extra charges.

This is our guarantee, and we offer it because we know that our 3 hour course is enough to teach you to teach English and from our experience most people do not need further support, because teaching English, once you master the techniques and concepts we teach you in our course ..... is easier than learning to ride a bicycle. In this case, teaching English, you actually earn money whilst you peddle !

But, if you do need our assistance after the course, then we offer it, ... forever.

So the 360 Euro that you will be paying, is not only to learn to teach English professionally, but also buys you expert advice and help should you need it in the future.

Why so affordable

It really is cheap to learn to teach English if you compare our course to:

Studying 4 years at university
Then doing very expensive specialization courses such as TEFL

And we also teach you how to teach via Skype with best results, and no university will teach you how to do that.

Sure, there are a lot of expert teachers out there who will tell you that it's not possible to become an English language teacher in such a short period.

Well, we have many people who have done our course and have become expert language teachers to prove the point that these so called 'experts' are just being snobs and are completely wrong.

When can you do our course ?

Anytime you like, but we prefer to do the three hours in a one week period.
In the one week you do 3 separate lessons, say one on a Monday and the next on Wednesday and the last one on Friday.

After you have done the course, the BEST thing you can do is to give some practice lessons to a member of your family or a friend, and we suggest you do a few lessons over Skype, but also a few on a one to one direct basis in your living room.

You will have learnt during our course also how and where to find students, how to manage student payments and timetables, the teaching strategy, to get best sound quality in Skype teaching, how NOT to teach grammar, and another 50+ important concepts, but mainly we will have created your teacher profile on skypelearn.com, and soon the first potential Skype students will start contacting you for lessons.

Don't forget, that you now also know the teaching English language strategy, but also you have learnt what to do if you get to a part in the course books which you aren't too sure on how to do, and especially what to do if you get asked impossible questions about English grammar.

Please read the other sections on this website to gain a comprehensive knowledge of what you gain by learning to teach English.