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So, now that you can teach English ... what next ?

Get language students, stupid!

Getting students is pretty easy and if you also intend to teach English via Skype, then the world is your oyster full of pearls - literally.

We give you a proper kick-start from the word go!

After you complete our learn to teach English course, we will create a teacher profile for you on our other website www.skypelearn.com for free - for one year.
Skypelearn.com is a platform for teachers to offer their services, and for students to find Skype language teachers, and is probably the best start in your teaching career that you could want.

Other methods of getting language students

There are many ways to find students, or places you can offer your services, and these also include getting students locally where you live where you advertise locally.

But mainly, there are lots ways to find language students over the internet and in our course we also show you where and how to look and find English language students on the web, and that alone is worth the whole course by itself.

Get your own English language teacher website

This is a new feature we have started offering in 2016, and is only for those who have completed our Learn To Teach English course.

We create a website for you, which includes the domain name registration, the search engine optimization, email accounts, AND the web hosting service for the fee of 150 Euro annually.

If interested please contact petelearntoteachenglish.com
or discuss this option during our preliminary chat or during the course itself.
This is the BEST way to get a teaching presence on the web and as time goes on, you will understand how invaluable your own teach English website will be.

Most individual English language teachers don't have their own website ...think about it.