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You don't have to be a
doctor to teach medical English

Become a medical English language teacher

Pete had been teaching English for about 20 years when he also started teaching medical English. And this was because of a joke his girlfriend once made.
His girlfriend is a doctor working in private hospital and one day she was diagnosing symptoms from one of her patient's records, and Pete just for fun asked her to test his medical knowledge. He did quite well in his diagnosis and his girlfriend told him that he could teach English at the the local medical faculty. Obviously she was joking, because she also added that first Pete would have to become a doctor himself and she gave him an old Medical English textbook that she herself had used when studying medicine and said:
"You can start with this".

Pete looked through the book for an hour and realized that all the English taught in the book had little to do with being a doctor. After all, the medical English textbook wasn't teaching doctors how to operate, or how to diagnose diseases, or prescribe medication. All it did basically, was teach the English language in a hospital / Doctor / Nurse environment.

So Pete got more medical English books, and started putting together various bits and pieces until he had a collection of English teaching material aimed at someone who works in the medical profession such as a doctor, a nurse, a surgeon and even a dentist.

Armed with this, Pete created the website www.medical-english-courses.com, and after a few months got his first student.
This was a GP from Taiwan, living in Australia, preparing for his medical attestation in Australia, and he took lessons from Pete for 2 months.
After that another student arrived, then another and then more.

And it was and is good money.

Earn big money, teaching medical English

Teaching Medical English can be considered a specialized subject, because it is aimed at a particular sector, and is specialised and tailored English to that sector.
So he medical English teacher can charge much more per hour than for teaching standard English.

Also, doctors, surgeons and dentists are people who make a lot of money, so for them it's not a problem to pay more for their English lessons.

Furthermore, there are tens of thousands of doctors worldwide, who have studied and practice medicine in their own countries where English is not the national language, who would like to get a job in English language speaking countries, where they know that they can earn much more money than in their own country.

So, the market for medical students is huge and is PERFECT for teaching worldwide using Skype.

Just as an example, today's prices for 1 hour of standard [ read 'reasonable' ]English lessons via Skype that you can charge your students, go from around 8 to 12 Euro per hour.

For medical English, you can charge from 25 to 35 Euro an hour easily.


Is teaching Medical English
different to teaching standard English ?

Yes it is.
There are different medical environments and a large part of the medical English taught has to be tailored for each environment.
You first have the basic medical English, which teaches the doctor how to communicate with his patient, but even here there are differences, for example a dentist needs to use different language when dealing with a patient than a physiotherapist or an oncologist.
Even nurses require their own type of medical English.

What material or course books
are used in teaching medical English

It's not a question of which course books to use but which parts of course books to use and how to use them, and in our Learn to teach medical English course we show you not only how to do this, but also where to get and put together the medical English course material you will need.

We also show you how to prepare the teaching material for each specific sector of the medical profession, how to test the medical student, what material to give him, and mainly, we also show you how and where you can research that particular segment of the medical profession to get the best teaching material.

Basically you can also put your medical teaching course books together as you go along and we show you the methods of how to do this.


Teaching medical English is easy in itself but the preparation is quite extensive to start with and just this in itself is hard work, but the money you can earn outweighs any initial effort that you put into it.


Requisites to learn to teach medical English

Our Learn to teach Medical English course is structured differently to our Learn to teach English course and you must also have different requisites to learn to teach medical English

You must speak English fluently, which means that if you are not a native speaker, your English language skills must be that of a second fluent language, so basically you must be bilingual if you are not an English native speaker.

You must have at least some teaching English experience.

You must be internet savvy.
You will be using the internet quite often after you have completed our course to be doing your own research into the various sectors of the medical profession.

You should know how to use PDF documents, how to extract pages from a PDF document, and also how to create PDF documents from Word, or Photoshop.

What you don't need, as in being able to teach standard English is a degree, or any kind of 'official' certification. Even someone who has done TEFL and or any other certifying teacher's course won't know how to teach medical English and their TELF etc, is completely useless.

You will also need to get at least 5 text books, and you can buy these quite easily.
Some are available for download on the internet but that as you know is not exactly legal, and in any case, if you intend to do this seriously, you should but the hardback copies which you will pay for just by the first three 1 hour lessons you do teaching your first medical English student.

And you don't need to be a doctor to be able to teach medical English, but starting out has a steep upward learning curve and that is what our course is aimed at : helping you become a medical English language teacher.

How much does it cost to
learn to teach medical English

The learn to teach medical English course is made up of 5 lessons of 45 minutes each via Skype and the cost of the course is 680 Euro.

And as with our learn to teach English course, we also offer unlimited support after you have completed the course, which means whenever you have any questions or need some advice after you have done the course, we will help you out however we can free of charge.

Remember, teaching medical English is much more extensive and technical than teaching standard English but the rewards [ money you earn ] are ranked as top of the teaching profession = VERY HIGH.

How to get medical English language students

Here we can also help you, and explain this important aspect in the teach medical English course, and this is perhaps the most important key to teaching medical English and without it even if you become an expert medical English teacher you won't have much success.

If you are interested in this specialized course, please send an email with your Skype name and a time and day when you would like to have an initial chat with us to: